Welcome to UWatchMoviesOnline.com! Our goal is to help you explore the ever-changing options in watching movies online, from the shady sites to the high-quality online movie sites. Sometimes you just don’t have time to run to Blockbuster or Redbox and grab a DVD, and none of your favorite shows are on T.V., which makes online movie-viewing so very convenient. We’re here to make sure you go to the right sites so that you get to watch online movies that are of the highest quality, instantly.

Watching Movies Online…a brief history

It used to be that when your favorite movie star came out with a film, the only way to see it was to head to the movie theater and see it in black and white with no sound. Of course, we’ve come a long way since then, from sound and color to mega-screens and 3D to at-home accessibility first with VHS and then DVD and now, Blu-Ray players, so it only makes sense that we can now watch our favorite actors or actresses whenever we’d like, wherever we’d like, via the Internet. Many people, especially college students, enjoy the old film for a movie in its case freedom of being able to watch movies online; others, however, have yet to figure out where to watch movies online and, more importantly, how to watch movies online legally. It used to be, in the early days of the Internet, that no one cared much for copyright laws; if a song or movie was available to download, legally or illegally, most people wouldn’t think twice about downloading it. After all, the internet seems to be a place of anonymity, so who could find out? It wasn’t long, however, before peer-to-peer sharing sites, where one could easily download songs and movies for free, were disbanded due to copyright infringement. Since then, the Web has been relatively well monitored in order to insure that such illegal sites do not exist; however, there are still many out there that do, and you do not want to become someone who gets caught using it.

Where Can I Watch Movies Online?

There are many, many sites on the World Wide Web that offer movie downloads and streaming; how can you tell if these sites are legal? Which are some of the best sites out there that are safe to use? Should you download or stream?

Online Movie Sites

Since there are so many sites available that seem to offer the same product (online movies), how can you tell whether it is legitimate or not? First and foremost, if you begin watching the movie only to find that what you are watching is a bootlegged version, or where someone has taken a video camera into the movie theater and simply re-recorded the movie and posted it online without authorization. Aside from the quality of the video being horrible, this practice is also illegal. One possible hazard of visiting sites with illegal movies on them is that they can sometimes download viruses onto your computer, unbeknownst to you. Another rule of thumb to know whether a site is legitimate or not (for all sites in general, not just those featuring movies online) is whether or not there is contact information available. If it is a good site, the owner/creator/operator should be proud to display his or her name or, at the very least, contact page in order that users may get in touch with them. While a site lacking this may not necessarily be illegitimate, it is something to look for if you are in doubt.

Watch Movies Instantly Online

You can now watch movies on your computerTo download or to stream, that is the question (once you find a legitimate site, of course). The great thing about streaming movies verses downloading them is that it is quick and instant, whereas downloading a movie, say from iTunes, takes up space on your hard drive, whereas streaming does not, and the quality is just as good. Plus, you don’t have to wait for it download, so you get to watching your favorites much more quickly online.

Watch Movies Online Legally

If you are asking yourself “where can I watch movies online”, you basically have 4 options: you can watch movies for free that are now in the public domain, you can pay per movie, you can pay a monthly for unlimited access, or you can even watch a limited number of movies for free on certain legitimate sites.

Free Classic Movies

Many classic movies’ copyrights have expired, and are now considered public domain and available for free viewing. Archive.org is one such site, and also includes footage from concerts and news broadcasts.


These sites offer a broad range of movies to watch online, often including new releases. This is a great option if you don’t often view movies online, perhaps less than or an average of once a month, but would like to have the option to. Some such sites include  BestBuy’s CinemaNow, where you can rent a movie (stream) for about $4 on average, or buy a movie (or download), for anywhere from $9.99 to $15.99. Another similar option is BlockBuster On Demand. You can also rent or buy, although buying can get costly, with prices up to $21.99.

Monthly Fees

While monthly fees don’t usually sound like a great idea, this really is the best option if you would like to see movies online as often as you’d like, or more than once a month. With programs like HuluPlus or Netflix, you have unlimited access to their selection of movies and television shows, all that the tips of your fingers.

Free Instant Movies Online

Certain sites like Hulu and Xfinity do show legitimate movie and T.V. show content, and are perfectly safe to use. The selection, however, is not always as great as the sites you may have to pay for. While your favorite movie or the hottest new release may not be available, these sites are always a good place to start looking for other movies you may be interested in watching and may not have heard of before.

Now you know how to watch movies online, where to find the highest quality sites to use, and how to stay away from the shady ones. So grab your popcorn and stay put, and enjoy the show!